Always Beautiful – Your 50’s
Put Your Best Face Forward

You’re on top now. You’re at the peak of your career and have achieved many of your life goals, but there is so much more to be and do. You’ve got the knowledge and experience to make this the best time of your life. But who wouldn’t want to have both the wisdom that comes with experience, and a youthful face and trim body? If your face and body don’t reflect the smart go-getter you are, cosmetic surgery can help. A facelift, neck lift, or facial rejuvenation can help the world to see you as vibrant, energetic and youthful. Eyelid surgery and brow lifts can reveal your true expressions. Natural Fat Transfer, liposuction and other surgical and non-surgical treatments can help you feel good about your face and figure again.

Turn Back the Clock.

For the fifties, areas that can be addressed through cosmetic surgery or fat transfer include:

  • Facelift – Look younger and stay competitive.
  • Liposuction or Body Contouring — Get back the trim figure of your youth.
  • Neck Lift – Never think “turkey neck” again.
  • Eyelid Surgery – Look more rested and alert. Let applying eye make-up be fun again.
  • Brow Lift – Get rid of the angry or aged look caused by drooping eyebrows and frown lines.
  • Breast lift, breast augmentation, or breast reduction — Show the world your fine figure.
  • Natural Fat Transfer — Revitalize your face, earlobes and hands without surgery with this fat-transfer technique pioneered by Dr. Koplin.
  • Botox® — Smooth away the wrinkles—and the years.

To learn more about Natural Fat Transfer and other rejuvenating procedures, click here to view informative videos.

Look Great Now

Tips for Beauty in your 50’s

  • Exfoliate but do it gently. Yes, you need to slough away old skin, but use alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy instead of exfoliating scrubs, which may be too rough for faces past 50.
  • Brighten up. Add some color to your wardrobe, especially to shirts, blouses and ties, anything you wear near your face. Light-reflective makeup and powders can also help, but stay away from products that shimmer, as they’ll illuminate wrinkles and lines.
  • Check your makeup. The wrong makeup can actually add years to your appearance. Throw away the dramatic makeup and opt for natural tones, rosy pinks and warm bronzers. Try a light tinted moisturizer rather than a heavy foundation which can settle into wrinkles.
  • Try a new do. A good updated haircut can do wonders. Layers add motion and work well at any age. Consider going lighter, or adding highlights to darker hair. Whatever you do, keep your hair healthy. It may need to be cut more often or need extra moisture.
  • Hydrate. Use a good moisturizer daily and don’t skip the night cream, either. Consider a collagen-boosting cream for firmness, and remember the sunscreen, too.

Myth Busters:
Under-Eye-Circle Erasers

Dark circles under the eyes have several origins— genetics and allergies among them. But one thing’s for sure, circles are more visible through thin skin. Since your skin becomes thinner with age, you may begin to notice dark circles, or receive comments about “looking tired”. Under-eye creams promise relief, but all they can really do is add moisture to the skin. The only thing that can truly get rid of puffiness, hollows, and dark circles is Natural Fat Transfer to fill eye hollows, and cosmetic surgery for the eyelids.

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