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Is Breast Augmentation Right For You?

Breast augmentation can be performed at any age after your breasts are fully developed. When considering breast enlargement, make sure you understand your personal motivations and have realistic goals for the procedure.

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How is Mammoplasty, or Breast Augmentation, Performed?

Taking into consideration individual factors and personal preferences, you and Dr. Koplin will determine your appropriate new breast size, the location of incisions, and whether your implants will be placed on top of or underneath the chest muscle. During the procedure, Dr. Koplin makes an incision either underneath the breast, just above the crease, around the lower edge of the areola or within the armpit. He then creates a pocket that is usually underneath the pectoral muscle, and inserts the implant into this pocket.

What type of implants will be used?
The size and type of breast implant recommended for you will be determined by your goals for breast enhancement, your existing body frame and mass, your existing breast tissue, and your preferences. Breast implant options include:

FDA-approved Mentor® brand MemoryGelTM silicon gel implants and Saline implants, and Allergan® brand Natrelle® Gel saline and silicone implants.

Saline breast implants: Filled with sterile salt water. Saline implants are filled at the time of surgery to allow a smaller incision and the ability to perform minor modifications in implant volume.

Silicone-filled breast implants: Filled with soft, elastic gel. All silicone breast implants are pre-filled and may require a slightly longer incision for implant placement. Silicone gel implants feel much more like natural breast tissue.

New scientific data on the safety of breast implants is rapidly being collected. In the future, it is possible that additional types of filler materials may become available as advancements take place. Surgical techniques for breast augmentation and breast implants themselves are continuously being refined, increasing the safety and reliability of the procedure.

Your Breast Augmentation Procedure

Safety and Comfort with Anesthesia
Medications are administered for your comfort during breast augmentation. Choices include intravenous sedation or general anesthesia: Dr. Koplin will recommend the best anesthesia for you. Your anesthesia provider has a wealth of experience in surgical procedures, safety, and care. Your safety and comfort are always paramount.

Fully Staffed Recovery Room
You will spend one to two hours in a fully-monitored and state-of-the art recovery room at the surgery center. Your registered nurse will be at your side every moment to attend to your safety and comfort.

Recovery and Convalescence

After your breast augmentation procedure, you will be placed in a surgical dressing that includes a support bra or garment. You should be walking under your own strength immediately after your breast augmentation surgery, and enjoying a normal dinner at home. It is very important that you walk a few minutes every few hours to reduce the risk of blood clot formation in your legs.

You have several options for recovery: you may choose to have professional care, to stay in a recovery center, or recover at home. If you wish to recover at home, you must have someone stay with you the first night. We’ll send you home with specific instructions regarding how to care for your eyes, as well as information about medications that can aid healing and reduce the potential for infection, specific concerns to look for at the surgical site or in your overall health, and when to follow-up with Dr. Koplin.

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Reasons you may consider
Breast Augmentation

  • You may be a good candidate for breast augmentation if you have any of the following feelings or conditions:
  • Clothes that fit around your hips are often too large at the bust line
  • You feel self-conscious wearing a swimsuit or form-fitting top
  • Your breasts have become smaller and lost their firmness
  • Weight loss has changed the size and shape of your breasts
  • One of your breasts is noticeably smaller than the other

Dr. Lawrence Koplin

Attention to detail, expertise in surgical technique, and experience with reconstructive as well as cosmetic surgeries sets Dr. Koplin apart from other surgeons. For nearly 20 years, he has used these techniques to enhance the looks and self-confidence of both children and adults.

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State-of-the-Art Operating Facility

Your custom procedure will be performed in a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility associated with our medical office. We are fully accredited by Medicare and AAAASF, and are held to the same standards as an operating room in a private or university hospital.

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Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Dr. Koplin will personally meet with you so that he understands your expectations and desired outcomes for breast augmentation. During this initial meeting, Dr. Koplin will consider such factors as the size and shape of your breasts, the quality of your skin, and the placement of your nipples and areolas (the pigmented skin surrounding the nipples). If your breasts sag, he may recommend a breast lift in conjunction with augmentation.

Dr. Koplin will ask you a number of questions about your health, desires and lifestyle. He’ll need to know whether you have a family history of breast cancer and about results of any mammograms or biopsies. There is no scientific evidence that breast augmentation increases the risk of breast cancer. The presence of breast implants does makes it slightly more difficult to take and read mammograms. Placement of the implant beneath the pectoral muscle will interfere less with mammographic examination. Dr. Koplin will spend extra time explaining all these issues with you, so that you should feel extremely comfortable, excited and well informed by the time of your surgery.

It’s also important to tell Dr. Koplin if you are planning to lose a significant amount of weight, or to become pregnant in the future. Both extreme weight loss and pregnancy can alter breast size and could affect the long-term results of your breast augmentation. Properly performed breast augmentation will not affect pregnancy or your ability to breast-feed.

What to expect the first two weeks after Breast Augmentation:

First Week:
A day or two after surgery, you should be up and about. While it will take several days to return to more normal activities, it is important to your recovery that you are up and active.

We’ll remove any dressings within a day or two and place you in a support bra (which we provide).

Most of our patients are showering the second day after surgery!

Dr. Koplin exclusively uses dissolving sutures that are hidden under the skin, so there are none to be removed and never any “Frankenstein” marks!

Some discoloration and swelling will occur initially, but this will disappear quickly, with any residual swelling resolving within a month. The first few days following your breast augmentation surgery, you may feel stiff and sore. Your breasts may feel tight and sensitive to the touch, and your skin may feel warm or itchy. You should not lift, push or pull anything, or engage in any strenuous activity or twisting of the upper body.

Most of our patients are feeling well and able to go out to dinner the following evening!

You may be able to return to work within just a few days or a week, depending on the type of activities required at your job.

Second Week and Beyond:

You should avoid physical activity for at least the first couple of weeks following surgery, and be extremely gentle with your breasts for at least the next month.

Most residual swelling will resolve within a month, and final breast shape is seen at three months.

Case Results
Results vary for each individual.