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The Rule of Threes

Not only does Botox prevent wrinkles, it also has an equally powerful effect—it weakens muscles! This phenomenon, called “disuse atrophy,” occurs when a muscle is continuously unused over prolonged periods of time. This is the genius of the Rule of Threes: using Botox every three months for a minimum of three years effectively weakens the muscle so that eventually it can be used less often to create the same effect.

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Dr. Koplin provides a comprehensive treatment regimen designed to treat and prevent wrinkles. Botox treatment every three months for three years will protect your skin, treat the wrinkles and provide long lasting maintenance and beauty. Why is this important? You’ll never need surgery if you never have wrinkles!


is the magic number

we offer three easy ways to save

1. Discounts

Enroll in the Rewards program after your first procedure, and you’ll earn points toward discounts when you make an appointment with Dr. Koplin every three months—making it easy to get the full benefits of Botox.
—it’s free!

2. Referrals

Tell your friends. When you bring in a new patient, you will receive 50% savings on your next routine Botox treatment!

3. Loyalty Benefits

To reward our most loyal patients, you will receive your usual Botox treatment at no charge once you complete your three-year regimen.

Note: Both existing and new patients qualify to earn these great benefits.

Free Mini Consultation

But wait—there’s more! Only a double board-certified surgeon like Dr. Koplin can offer you a free plastic surgery mini-consultation during your visit, valued at $700. Get your questions answered by an innovative facial rejuvenation expert when you select the 3-Year Botox Package.


State-of-the-Art Operating Facility

Dr. Koplin is so attentive to detail that he custom-built his office with two patient rooms: a right-handed patient room and a left. He specially designed the rooms so that if a patient is getting Botox in the right eyelid, he operates in the right-handed room. He operates ambidextrously, and chooses his dominant operating side based on what is optimal for the patient’s needs.

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With Botox done right by Lawrence Koplin MD, finding the right plastic surgeon just got easier.

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