Cosmetic surgery isn’t always about what is seen in Hollywood.

Feel Good Patient Review



There are times where we help our patients during their recovery from life-threatening and life-altering situations. It is a great feeling when we hear back from our patients saying how we helped them feel better and regain their confidence after such a difficult ordeal. You can’t help but smile after reading patient feedback such as this:

I had surgery at Dr. Koplin’s office and I was treated like family. I had a liver transplant after being diagnosed with Hepatocellular Carcinoma aka liver cancer. As a result, I take anti-rejection medicine which means my immune system is compromised and I don’t heal as rapidly as I should. This means that I have to carefully choose where I go for treatment since the slightest scrape or cut can easily become infected. I was treated well from the moment I entered the office. Dr. Koplin is an artist with a scalpel and I am already seeing fantastic results from my procedures. The staff is excellent and I mean everyone from the people who answer the phones and schedule the appointments to the nurses who attended to my every request…. Uh, except for washing my car … I was told I asked for that and I blame the medication I was given otherwise I would never have made that request. Before I forget … I have to mention another person who played a very important and major part in my surgery and that is my anesthesia provider Dave Fournier. He not only put me at ease the moment we started speaking but I have had multiple surgeries since my cancer diagnosis and no one was as thorough as he was in asking all the right questions. I can’t wait for the swelling to disappear so I can post photographs and then everyone can see what a fantastic job he did. Thank you Dr. Koplin…. I will never forget what you did for me!