Feel Comfortable


Our office receives a lot of requests and questions about breast reduction surgery and breast reshaping or breast lift surgery. And the biggest question is a good one, it’s do I have to have scars, can you perform the surgery without scars? So let’s talk about it. The process of reducing a breast of lifting a breast means that there’s too much skin. There’s usually too much breast tissue, and there’s also a problem with the placement of the nipple and areola. The nipple’s too low, the breast is too large, the skin is excessive. So, the answer is you have to have a scar with a breast reduction or a breast lift or reshaping. The only alternative would be to put a gigantic implant in someone who has droopy breasts and then you create gigantic droopy breasts, which I won’t allow because I’m not doing a service to the patient. Think of it as you’ve lost some weight, your clothes are too big, and you have to tailor them. So you do have to reduce the skin by removing skin and creating scars. There are actually three patterns of scars around the breast that can be used. One is just in a circle around the areola to reduce it. The other is what we call a lollipop or a vertical reduction, in which the stitching is a circle around the areola and then up and down like the stick of a lollipop. The third type is called an anchor, and that combines the lollipop with a scar and removal of breast tissue and skin under the breast in the fold. A good plastic surgeon knows how to do all of them, and a good plastic surgeon will meet with you and go over the options an explain to you which of the three is going to be the best. If you are properly informed and realistic about it, and you have a good surgeon who’s going to do a good job, I’ve always had the patients affirm to me that it was a good trade. It’s not a gift – it’s a trade. What you get is worth the outcome. I hope this helps. I’m Dr. Lawrence Koplin and I appreciate the time to talk to you about this.