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Rhinoplasty refers to surgery of the nose, and in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, there’s a lot of bad rhinoplasty and one of the biggest fears people have coming in and even broaching the subject of having their nose done is please don’t make me look like some of the stars or this person or that person. Please don’t tip it up, please don’t make the bridge like a ski slope, please don’t make me look like a cookie cutter; please don’t make me look like Barbie. And, there’re reasons that people have this look, and there’re reasons why good plastic surgeons will avoid it, and it’s what I like to call morphing. Morphing means you don’t want to take someone else’s nose and stick it on someone else’s face because the person looks different. Morphing, as you all know, means changing components so you almost aren’t really aware of the change until you see the final product, and the way we do that is change a lot of things a little bit; Don’t change one thing a lot. If you do too much to the tip of the nose it gets pinched and it looks too different. If you have a big bump on the nose and you just make it too low it looks too different. It’s an issue of balance, and balance actually means putting more projection into the tip, at the same time you don’t need to take the bump of the bridge down as much, and when you take the various components of the nose and blend them together I’d like my patients to look as if that’s the nose they were born with. I don’t want people to see them and go wow, great nose. I want people to see them and go wow you look great. Is your hair different, did you lose weight, are you in love; something about you looks wonderful but you can’t really put your finger on it. So it’s the concept of not putting someone else’s nose on you, its of changing your nose really to the nose that you could have –and should have had– from birth. I’m Dr. Lawrence Koplin, and thank you for listening.