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As far as what to expect, well, before you even come into surgery we’ve all met and we’ve all talked and reviewed your case and all the pertinent data. When you come into surgery in the morning you’re going to meet one of our nurses. They’re going to have you change your clothes, sign some paperwork, and wrap you up in a warm gown and put you in a room where you and I will sit down and talk. I go over the data again and explain the plan and do a very thorough examination of your airway and you medical history. At that time the surgeon will come by and do some drawing and marking on you and go over any other last minute questions you might have. When everything’s all set to go we’ll bring you back to the operating room. The first thing I’m going to do is start an intravenous line in your hand. I do use a little local anesthetic first and it’s a small intravenous line so It doesn’t hurt. We’ll begin to sedate you and put on all the monitors that we use to watch you very closely. We’ll give you some oxygen to breath and when the time is right we’ll drift you off to sleep in a very pleasant way. While you’re asleep I never leave your side; I listen to every beat of your heart; I listen to every breath you take and I will keep you safe. We work as a team, that’s our goal, and we want you to have a good experience and even though you’re asleep we’re going to make sure that happens.