Watch Out, Arnold Palmer – the Larry Boy is Here!



Ever notice how thirsty you get when you’re inventing something? How about if you’re inventing something that cures your thirst?

I know this might make your head hurt, but imagine sipping on the most refreshing, satisfying adult drink imaginable; your headache would instantly disappear, right?

You all probably know about obsessions, and one of mine is centered around Natural Fat Transfer in my plastic surgery practice. Specifically, I am working on making skin healthier, smoother, more elastic

and youthful by supercharging it with stem cells isolated from fat transfer procedures. More about this research (Nano Stem Serum) in past and future blogs. It’s hard work, and it makes me thirsty….. very thirsty.

Another obsession is quenching my thirst in the most effective and delicious way possible.

A final obsession is to have something named after me, something to approach immortality, something everyone loves and enjoys; something like, for example, an Arnold Palmer.

The history of iced tea mixed with a healthy splash of lemonade likely extends earlier than the day the legendary golfer suggested to his wife that she mix the two together in a big pitcher in their kitchen, but history will forevermore credit Palmer with the eponymous drink. Palmer goes on to tell the story about how he was in a Palm Springs restaurant, ordered the drink to his specifications and was overheard by a woman sitting nearby. “I want an Arnold Palmer,” she told the waitress. “I want what he ordered.” (Story credit to Chris Chase, USA TODAY Sports, November 28, 2012).

So was born the drink name which is possibly more famous than the golfer himself.

One recent warm afternoon, I was cold brewing some ice coffee. Why? It is much sweeter, nuttier and tastier than the more acidic version made with boiling water. Anyway, why brew something with boiling water only to throw in ice cubes which melt and uncontrollably dilute the coffee? If you’re going to dilute it, why not use something refreshing, calorie-free, light and summery – like sparkling water?

Club soda, I’ve learned, is artificially carbonated water to which sodium salts and/or potassium salts have been added. We don’t like this. We just want soda water, seltzer, Perrier or Pellegrino.

Mix the two together over ice. Don’t worry about the ice melting- the coffee is already cold! I don’t add anything else, but you certainly could drop in a slice of lemon or lime.

Better than an Arnold Palmer? Well, it has less calories and I believe it to be more refreshing and fun to drink. No worries about too much sugary lemonade, either.

Give it a try- tweak it any way you like- and let me know what you think.

What to call it? Hmmm. Remember my quest for immortality?

Call it a Larry Boy; that’s what my beloved father called me til the day he left this earth. He’ll smile down on you every time you order it.