A palindrome is a word or phrase that is the same backward and forward. Like “dad”, “mom”, “pop”, “Abba”, “kayak”, “deified” and “racecar”.

I like palindromes. There is something very clean and orderly about them. They are the comfort food in the vocabulary supermarket, having symmetry and balance that makes the brain warm and happy.

There are complete books of palindromes. Two favorites are titled, “So Many Dynamos!” and “Sit On a Potato Pan, Otis!” Your head will spin (in

both directions). There is even a term for fear of palindromes- “aibohphobia”- which is itself (of course) a palindrome.
Some personal favorites:

Dr. Awkward
Dog sees God
Rise to vote, Sir!
Dammit I’m mad
Was it a rat I saw?
Madam, I’m Adam
A man, a plan, a canal- Panama

My only regret is that the word “palindrome”……. is not a palindrome.

Read my blog about “Abbreviations” and you’ll understand.