On Becoming a Grandparent



Over the past 26 months, my family has doubled. From three single children, my two oldest (daughters) added husbands and this week my oldest gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl!

Coming from a small family with only one sister and her son, there is something very lovely and special about large ones, with giant family gatherings, picnics, outings and vacations. Each of my daughters immediately acquired these extended families with their marriages, and I know they treasure the situation (most of the time!). Similarly, my Most Awesome Girlfriend Kelly has a wonderful large family and cherished stories to tell about them.

But having a new generation begin- well, this is the greatest magic ever. When we become parents, I think we are so overwhelmed with the instant and unrelenting life changes that we don’t have the chance to step back and understand what is really happening.

From this giant swollen tummy emerged a perfectly formed, healthy human being, which only took nine months to make. As a physician, perhaps I can appreciate better than most the impossible odds of this happening- but happen it did, and how fortunate we all are. I don’t think I even acknowledged it fully when my own children were born, but now I embrace the true miracle of life, of this indescribable gift.

I plan to spoil this child, which of course is my right and privilege. My daughter’s job is to love, nourish, guide and discipline her. I wish for this first grandchild the joy of a wonderful life, surrounded by those who love her; and I hope it is a very large, crazy family of whom she is very proud.