Dr. Koplin Speaks on Arts and Music



We often forget that artists have unique brains and talents, but that many of those are clustered in the same part of the brain. I was recently at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, and admired a wonderful exhibit of lyrics and art by our musical idols. Many of them we know also as talented poets (Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Leonard Cohen), but an astonishing number were/are accomplished painters. Immediately coming to mind are

Dylan, John Lennon, Joni Mitchell and Ron Wood (of The Stones). Witness this awesome drawing by the young Jimi Hendrix, signed, one of a series he drew of college football uniforms. I’ve chosen this one because I am a Cal Bear, and am not used to seeing one of our football players actually running unchallenged toward the goal line.

Although I dabble in photography, I stand in awe of the multiple talents some of our greatest musicians possess. Check them out and add to the list!

Dr. Koplin