Revelations about Sunscreen



The simple formula is: SUN = AGING + CANCER

Sunscreen is a necessity to preserve the youthfulness of your skin.  If you want to be in the sun- then you must protect yourself from its negative effects.

From the beginning, sunscreens have been made from chemicals which block the damaging Ultraviolet rays of the sun.  They also sting when they get in your eyes.  The stronger the block (SPF), the more oily they get.

Now there is word from the FDA that the chemical components of sunscreen can enter the bloodstream at levels significantly higher previously thought.  And it’s unknown whether there are any harmful health effects.  What does this mean?  Chemical sunscreen may be bad for you, and particularly bad for children.

But there are alternatives.  Mineral sunscreens are made from Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide.  They block UV rays mechanically via the nanoparticles of the two mineral compounds.  They don’t sting when they get in your eyes.  They’re not greasy- in fact, they have a wonderfully soft texture at all strengths.  And they are not absorbed into the bloodstream.

Is this a no-brainer?  I think so.  Check out the mineral sunscreen options such as TiZo- they are great!

I also have my own packaging in a cool and convenient pump bottle available at my office.

Come in and try the samples in the waiting room, talk with us about it and enjoy a cup of coffee while you’re at it.

Because you deserve to know.


Dr. Koplin