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Natural Fat Transfer and LMK NanoStem Serum 

Natural Fat Transfer using NanoStem Serum (NSS) is a very important component of your facial rejuvenation journey. To directly improve skin quality and tone, we create a serum from your body’s own fat cells. This serum is injected into the skin to create a healthier, more youthful complexion. Most essential to a successful procedure is working with a well-trained, experienced plastic surgeon who will artistically and carefully place your injections. 

The procedure is safe and simple—no incisions or surgery involved. It also has a quick recovery time. The results of this procedure are a smoother, healthier, and younger looking complexion. Usually, Natural Fat Transfer is employed in conjunction with liposuction because fat is already being removed, and this way it can have an additional benefit to smooth and cushion the desired area. Natural Fat Transfer and NanoStem Serum are also performed as stand-alone procedures to artfully rejuvenate faces, earlobes, and hands. 

Stem cells reside in fat as well as other tissues in the body. The process of actively extracting, concentrating and administering these fat-derived stem cells has been proven in medical studies to have beneficial effects, and its function as an aesthetic filler under skin is well-documented (1). There is very little risk for negative effects of using fat as a filler because no one is allergic to their own fat.


First, a physician extracts natural, healthy fat cells from under your skin using liposuction. The fat layer resides below the dermis and epidermis (skin) layers. Removing fat from an unwanted area is an added benefit of NSS.  

The key to this procedure is a gentle extraction of the fat. The fat is then washed and excess water is removed. Then it is put into a Nano Emulsifier and run through a Nano Filter to be processed and concentrated. 

The washed, emulsified, and filtered fat is then centrifuged, where it separates into oil, particulate fraction, and liquid fraction.  

The separated elements are now ready for injection. The physician should take care to make sure that the bed where the fat is to be injected will accept the new fat and allow it to thrive. This procedure is all about skillful and artistic technique—be confident that your medical professional will not place your fat in a lumpy or unnatural-looking way.  

To fill deeper lines, particulate fraction is injected. Liquid fraction treats the finer lines. The results will be a smoother texture, less visible wrinkles, healthier skin color, and cushioning and support for the epidermal layer. The results should be permanent when done properly. The injected fat that thrives will have a continuous blood supply, so with a well-executed procedure the extra volume provided by fat transfer should last for many years (2). NSS has more permanent results than injectable fillers which require reinjection to maintain the benefits (2). 

Dr. Koplin has been doing the Natural Fat Transfer procedure for more than 20 years and has participated in the recent development and refinement of NanoStem Serum techniques. He holds a double board certification in both General Surgery and Plastic Surgery, and is regarded as an innovative artist in the field of plastic surgery. An expert and perfectionist, Dr. Koplin’s top priority is to craft a youthful, natural-looking elegance.  Read more or watch a video from Dr. Koplin.

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Shallow End or Deep End?

I’ve met and treated a lot of patients in my career, and have come to the conclusion that there are two basic personalities when it comes to decision making.  I compare them with the two options we have when deciding to swim in a cold pool: Shallow End Steppers or Deep End Divers.

The pool is cold—how do we choose to get in?

Most people go in slowly.  Toes first, then feet to the top step.  Get acclimated.  Down to the next step, get acclimated again and continue.  It takes time and patience, but it gets the job done.  That’s a Shallow End Stepper.

A smaller group of individuals find it easier to make the decision, are certain in their choice, and just jump in.  They have weighed the options, know what to expect, and are eager to get on with it.  That’s a Deep End Diver.

You have seen this many times before.  At the beach, most people go in slowly and scream every time the water moves a bit higher.  But a few brave (or reckless) souls run in full throttle, diving under the approaching wave and surfacing with a shout and a shake of their head.  Some kids wiggle a loose baby tooth for days and weeks, not allowing anyone to touch it until the last thread breaks loose and the tooth is out.  Other children (not many) grab and pull that tooth to get it out as quickly as possible- and under the pillow for a Tooth Fairy reward.  In a vaccination line, most of us want to be at the very back, but a few others push to the front to “get it over with.”

Plastic surgery is a very personal choice, and making that final decision to proceed isn’t always that easy.  I notice that most successful business individuals seem to be able to make a quick decision: to move ahead, have the surgery and make plans for their schedules during and after recovery.  Most of us don’t decide quite that easily!

I have also noticed that the “first” decision is often the most difficult.  You don’t know us; you don’t know the temperature of the water.  Familiarity, trust, comfort and great results make it much easier to dive in.

My job, and the job of everyone in my office, is to make the decision making process as stress-free as possible.  We won’t pressure you.  We won’t push you.  If you need to talk with us several times, we are here for you.  Patients who consider future surgeries after knowing us find the water to be much warmer.  We will always respect your pool personality!

Does it Hurt When I Push Here?

What is it with doctors? We’re supposed to be knowledgeable, intuitive and compassionate. We’re supposed to cure illness, repair injuries and relieve pain. We’re supposed to be kind and sensitive.

What’s the first thing doctors do when something hurts? WE PUSH DIRECTLY ON IT TO SEE IF YOU’RE LYING! Why do we do this? You’ve told us it hurts, you described the quality and intensity and you’ve pointed exactly at the spot. Continue reading “Does it Hurt When I Push Here?”