Part 2- It’s Okay to Blame the Doctor!

Part 2 Oscar Weeps Over Kim Novak’s Lost Beauty



Why do entertainment icons allow this to happen? How do they move so far down the road toward youth that they look deformed, unnatural and unrecognizable?

We saw at the recent Academy Awards an astonishing display of gorgeous women. The freshness of youth, the classiness of middle age and the timeless beauty of our veteran actresses all create the magic of Hollywood. Many, if not most, of the women in the middle and veteran categories have had work done; do

not deceive yourself by thinking otherwise. This is all well and good- you should never suspect that these women have had anything altered or enhanced. Great work is invisible, and there are many extraordinarily talented physicians who participate in this process.

So what went wrong with the gorgeous Kim Novak? No one can be blamed for wanting to slow down the aging process; no one can point a finger at anyone desiring to look the best they can for as long as possible. My finger, however, points to the physician – to the person performing inferior, unnatural, overdone, or unnecessary procedures- as having ultimate responsibility.

Why are doctors creating these sadly over-tightened, overfilled, over-operated creatures? What should they be doing instead? They should use thoughtful, artistic, state-of-the art procedures such as Natural Fat Transfer, Microfat Filling with Nanostem Serum AND have the inner strength to tell the patient it is time to forego all pulling, tightening and distorting surgeries.