Part 3- Just Say No!!

Part 3 Oscar Weeps Over Kim Novak’s Lost Beauty



Responsible plastic surgeons and dermatologists have the ability to recognize when a patient has achieved maximum benefit and have the responsibility to tell them “No More”. Somehow this skill has eluded many of these doctors, or they simply don’t have the motivation to conclude treatment.

We need to have the strength to say “No”. Of course we want to count

celebrities and dignitaries among our patients; it makes us feel important. No one wants to “lose” a famous actress and know she may simply go elsewhere for the same treatment. What elevates us as responsible physicians is our obligation to select what is best for the patient, not for ourselves.

Newer developments in plastic surgery are the conservative, artistic placement of small amounts of living fat into natural tissue planes of the face (Natural Fat Transfer). Not the excesses that are inflating Kim Novak’s cheek and jawline or distorting Liza Minnelli’s face, but placement of tiny aliquots (Microfat Filling) into individual lines and mild contours to restore the face to the look of youth. Even more revolutionary is the extraction of stem cells from the natural fat and direct injection into the skin to rejuvenate without the need to add volume (Nanostem Serum).

Absent these new surgical advances, most of the movie stars we saw and stared at on Sunday night should have heard a simple “No, you just don’t need any surgery right now- I think you look wonderful and appropriate for your age.” And that would have been that.

We all would have enjoyed seeing our most revered and loved stars basking in the warm glow of their lifetimes of success, looking and acting the part- appropriately and happily.