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Feel Comfortable


Well, here’s the million dollar question: How do you know you’re ready for plastic surgery? Because that’s really the tough one; you can gather all the information, go on the web, look at the videos, and look at the photographs. But, how does a person really know they’re ready? And actually in my world, since I’ve done this a number of times and I’ve seen a lot of patients, I kind of have a handle on it and here’s what I recommend: If it’s something that you think about once a month –every once in a while you see a picture and you don’t like that picture and you throw that one away– you’re not ready for it. But, there will be a time where it really lives in your head and it becomes a daily process. Every picture that you see you throw away or don’t want to look at. Every mirror that you walk in front of, you really don’t want to take a look at yourself. Every time you put on your makeup you go, gosh this really bothers me. When it lives in your head every day, that’s when the switch goes off, and really it is a process of black and white –on and off– in many cases. You think about it and you think about it and then all of a sudden one day you go, I’m going to do it. You call up the plastic surgeon, you make the appointment, and you really go through the process. That’s when you know. When it’s living in your head; when you think about it every day, give a call to your plastic surgeon. You’re ready to go. I’m Dr. Lawrence Koplin and thank you for listening.