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The concept of fat transfer, or placing fat into the face from other parts of the body, is something that I do with many, many of the procedures that I do. For example, let’s say someone comes in and they want liposuction –or fat removal– for some reason. Well, we’ll go and identify the various areas of the body that we’re going to remove the fat from. But, I always like to ask at the end of the conversation: well, I can take this stuff and we’ll discard it, or we can think of some natural use to place it back in the face. Where can those places be? Well, it can be the hollows under the eyes, it can be the deep lines around the nose, or frequently in the corners of the mouth, it can be the earlobes, it can be the temples, it can be between the eyes, it can even be in the hands to improve the softness of the hands and to diminish the prominence of the veins in the hand. The advantage of the fat is that when I place it, it’s going to be living, healthy, natural, and permanent. And it’s almost a two-for-one, too-good-to-be-true bonus when we’re applying it with other surgeries at the same time. I’m Dr. Lawrence Koplin, and thank you for listening.