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What is natural fat transfer, or fat grafting process? Fat transfer is the concept of taking fat from one place in your body, where actually you don’t need it or want it, and putting it someone where it has a wonderful and permanent effect. So, it’s not different from taking skin from one part of the body and putting it on a burn and having it live it a new area. It’s the same thing in the face. It’s transferring natural, healthy, permanent living tissue into the face. How do we go about this in a consultation? Well, I’ll talk to the person and I’ll ask you, well where don’t you like the fat; where would you like to give it up from; where would you like us to steal it from? And so, we’ll identify the place that they have trouble losing fat from and that will be the site that the fat is taken from and placed into the face. In terms of where we place it in the face, that’s the aesthetic judgment that I talk to the patient about. But generally it’s anywhere that you would see the need for volume, or placement of soft, living tissue in the face. And we’ll talk in some other videos about where those places are and why I feel very comfortable and expert about the process. I’m Dr. Lawrence Koplin, and thank you for listening.