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There was a television show on a few years ago called Dr. 90201, and it was a very popular show, and people all around the world actually watched it, followed it, and were very interested in it. In a sense –even though actually I was asked to be on the show and for various reasons I chose not to be– I am a Dr. 90201, and I’d like to tell you why. I was born in Beverly Hills; I was born at a hospital that still exists today that I go see patients in. I grew up in Beverly Hills in the public schools, and then I actually left Beverly Hills to go to college at Berkeley, public university, and then to do my training in Texas. Many of the doctors here –and I don’t really mean to be critical– but many and even most of the doctors here, and I mean plastic surgeons, are here not having grown up here, not being from here, but are here because they want to be Hollywood plastic surgeons; they want to be Beverly Hills plastic surgeons; they want to be Dr. 90201. Well that’s fine and I have no qualms for that. But really when you come to think of it the reason I’m here is because my family is here, my parents, my children, and all my childhood friends. So, Dr. 90201 for me means coming back to where you grew up and living in the community that nurtured you, and trying to give back something too.