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Postoperatively, most of our patients wake up here in the operating room, not in recovery room. I like to make sure that they’re awake and their reflexes are intact and that they can manage their airway on the way to recovery room. After that they’ll go to recovery room where all the same monitors that they had in surgery will be reapplied and there will be a nurse with them at all times. Dr. Koplin and I are also very close at hand should there be any problems with pain management or anything that needs to be taken care of. The newer modern anesthetics wear off very quickly. We use some of the best agents and techniques here. Usually people are street ready in a half an hour to an hour, some of our longer surgeries we’ll keep people one and a half to two hours before we send them home or to our aftercare, but during that time they can expect to be warm, their pain to be managed, and someone to be watching them very, very closely at all times.