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Let’s talk a little bit about choosing the right breast implant size. It sounds like an uncomfortable, difficult topic, but actually it’s quite simple. How do we actually fit the right implant for the right person, and the answer is there aren’t very many sizes that are going to be appropriate, and here’s why. Implants have certain what’s called base diameter, they’re so wide when you put the on the table. That width of the implant should be the width of the person’s breast now. If it’s a lot smaller it’s going to look like a little rock in a sock is our term for it. You’ll see that there’s something round inside the breast. If it’s too big it’s going to go under the arm and it’s going to go beyond the outer edge of the breast and you’ll see it and it’ll be rippled, and you’ll feel it. So the width of the breast –of the person– is the right width for the implant. Well, how much volume or filling should there be in the implant? That’s something that we find out and determine in surgery. I do a lot of breast augmentations, a lot of breast implants, and because of that we happen to have a special table that allows us to sit the person up while we’re doing the surgery. Not only do we have the ability to do that, but we have the arms in a natural position. In almost every other type of surgery that we perform, the arms are out like a T. But in breast augmentation we have the hands in the lap so that I’ll do the surgery, prepare the space and put in a couple of different sizes –test sizes– and we’ll sit the person up. Before the surgery they have met with us and they’ve picked out some photographs of how they would like to look in people who are similar to their body style and shape. It’s not that difficult to find the exact volume of the implant that’s going to be the right shape for the person, combining the proper base diameter and the proper volume that looks appropriate when the person’s sitting up allows us to be very secure in picking the right, the best, and the most beautiful implant for the patient. I’m Dr. Lawrence Koplin, and thanks for listening.