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One of the criticisms regarding fat transfer or fat grafting is that it’s not smooth, that it’s not even, that it’s not placed in exactly the right location. And I wanted to share with you some of the newer concepts that allow us to do this in a very precise, very natural, and very safe manner. And the instrumentation is allowing things to be very precise and using very small, very thin but very safe cannulas, they’re called. The one that I’m showing you is what I use for the lower eyelid areas. The actual size of this is less than one millimeter in diameter, and the inside of it is even smaller, but it has a Teflon coating on this inside so that the fat can flow smoothly through it without being injured, and in this way we can place a very small bead of fat throughout the tissues in multiple tunnels, in multiples levels, and in a crisscrossing manner to place a very smooth layer and get a really lovely result. Prior to this technology the difficulty is this is very thin skin and we have to be extremely careful there that we don’t see any bumps or irregularities from the fat. The second thing that’s wonderful technology is this instrument here, and it’s called a cell brush. What it does is it allows us, instead of having a syringe where we’re pushing –such as this– it allows us instead to take a dial and very slowly turn the dial which places the fat through the syringe through the cannula into the tissues. So, it’s strong enough that it doesn’t allow that it doesn’t allow anything to clog or to become obstructed in the process, and it’s smooth enough that we can just turn it a tiny bit and be absolutely meticulously precise. So, I’m very comfortable, and I’ve actually done hundreds, probably thousands of fat transfer procedures only in the lower eyes and of course in more areas of the body and face as well. But this new technology has been revolutionary to help us get wonderful, established, safe results. I’m Dr. Lawrence Koplin, and thank you for listening.