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Feel Comfortable


I’d like to discuss why I’m such a big proponent of natural fat grafting and why I’m very comfortable performing it. And it’s really a story that’s not brand new because fat transfer is very new in the media but actually a very existing and old process. I’ve been doing it ever since I started doing liposuction, which is actually over twenty five years. That experience is what gives me the comfort in being fairly aggressive about it and so comfortable with it that I’ll be using it in some situations where other people perhaps aren’t. One example might be in the lower eyelids. People have been very worried about placing fat under the eyes into the hollows to fill them because the skin is so thin, but if it’s done properly by some that really has experience it’s actually the best treatment for under eye hollowed and a beautiful, permanent one. It also makes the skin look better; it makes the skin thick, and even the fine line under the eyes, we find get improvement over time from the health benefit of the fat. The concept of it is not to create a big face; not to create a round pumpkin face, which you will see often times; not to create cheekbones or chins; it’s to make the face soft, it’s to give you back the baby fat that you had when you look at photographs of yourself from ten or twenty years ago. It’s to take the places that become hollow –the valleys– and to just plump them up; fill them up, and make the face look the way that it looked before. It takes experience, it takes sculptural sense, it takes the ability to see three dimensions and it also requires the technical ability and the expertise of having done it over a long period of time. Because I have had the ability to combine all of those things I really do feel very comfortable and it is by far the most important part of my practice that I’m the most comfortable and excited about performing. Thank you for listening. I’m Dr. Lawrence Koplin.