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People are often asking me what’s new in plastic surgery. What’s the newest technique; what’s the newest laser; what’s the newest item? And actually, what is really new in plastic surgery is the concept, and the concept is natural: natural results, natural appearance. And, what do I really mean by that? Well, we’re here in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. Trust me, the best and the worst plastic surgery in the world is here. The bad stuff you can see across the room. You don’t have to be a plastic surgeon. It’s not good. The good results are the ones that you really don’t even notice. It’s like a good haircut or good makeup. It’s sexy, it’s natural, it’s unassuming. So, the big concept isn’t the machine that we use, the laser that we use, because those always pass. There’s always something new around the frontier. But what’s really new is: don’t make someone look crazy; don’t make them look artificial. Make them look natural, the way that they used to look, or enhance the way that they used to look in a way that’s unassuming, beautiful, and sexy. I’m Dr. Lawrence Koplin, and thank you for listening.