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I’d like to take a little bit of time to tell you why I don’t like fillers. What are fillers? Fillers are substances that surgeons and dermatologists inject into the face for wrinkles or for volume. Fillers are artificial, they usually come from something that’s dead, like a rooster, they are temporary, they’re not bad for you, but they’re certainly not healthy for you. And the most important thing is they just sit in the face. What does that mean? It means that if someone has a line or a ridge or a hollow that they want to be corrected, placing the filler is like a little oil spill, I call it. It’s like having a puddle of stuff –of junk– in your face that just sits there. What’s the importance of that? Well, when you smile it doesn’t move with the face naturally; with the smile. It’s not integrated as part of the face. It can move. It’s not living so it has no roots or holding power. So overall the process is something that, in my opinion, is doomed to failure. I’m going to spend a little bit more time in some other videos talking to you about alternate routes, instead of fillers. And that alternate route is what I call natural fat grafting, or fat transfer. And it’s a process of taking living tissue –permanent tissue, healthy tissue– rather than putting fillers in the face, and talking about all the various advantages of doing so. I’m Dr. Lawrence Koplin, and thank you for listening.