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Feel Comfortable


You’ll hear me talking in some of these videos about the various aspects of choosing a plastic surgeon, and the various qualities that a surgeon needs to create a good, quality, beautiful result. I read this book a few years ago; it’s called Outliers. It’s written Malcolm Gladwell, and one of the things that he talks about is that you need ten thousand hours. And what he means by that is that people who are successful; people who make a difference in the world, aren’t just lucky – they’re not in the right place at the right time. They’re ready to be in that place, and part of that process is doing something so many times and having such great experience and comfort with it that if you’re in the process and if there’s a problem, you know where to go to fix it, or you know what the alternatives are if there is a question of do you go left or right. In my consultations with my patients I’m very clear that ten thousand hours in anything in life really is important, and in surgery it’s not always good to go to the puppy, but sometimes the person that really has the groundwork and the miles and the experience is really going to be your best choice. Thank you for listening, I’m Dr. Lawrence Koplin.