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Let’s talk about trends in plastic surgery, and particularly, trends regarding breast shape and size. I’m from California but I happen to do my training in Texas; in Houston with that man that invented the breast implant, Dr. Thomas Cronin at a hospital in Houston. And the aesthetics of Texas is a little bit different that the aesthetics of Los Angeles, and also it has to do with time and fashion. What we like to express now to our patients is that b-cup is the new c-cup. The trend is not for big implants; big breasts; heavy breasts. It’s for shape, looking pretty in clothes, being able to exercise; being active; looking sexy and looking natural. That’s really what we try to do it terms of finding what’s right for the patient. We have a lot of models here. We have a lot of fit patients here. We have a lot of active patients here. My job is to just find what makes them look pretty, sexy, natural, and happy, and that tends to not be in the larger breast sizes anymore. I think that, in a general sense, it’s not for everyone, but part of my responsibility is plastic surgery is to guide people into what I think ultimately in the long run will be best for them. I hope this helps. B-cup is the new C-cup. I’m Dr. Lawrence Koplin, and thank you for listening.