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Feel Comfortable


One of the questions we get from patients most often is their concern about post-operative nausea and vomiting, and it truly is the bane of this profession. We work really hard to prevent it, and luckily we have an extremely low nausea and vomiting rate here because we use the latest agents and techniques. We work really hard to make sure our patients are comfortable. The other problem that some people are concerned about is that they wake up cold. The operating room is a cold environment, and the shivering is very uncomfortable. I was involved in some of the very first research on intra-operative hypothermia at UCLA in the 1980, and I know how important and uncomfortable and dangerous it is, so we work really hard to keep patients warm. We warm all the fluids that they get, we warm the gasses they breath, we use the latest machines and monitors to make them comfortable and make them maintain their intra-operative body temperature in a cool operating room, and most of our patients wake up very comfortable, with no nausea, pain free, and no shivering in the recovery room. And I’m here until they leave, and it’s my goal to make sure that happens because I don’t go home until they go home comfortable.