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A lot of what happens behind the scenes in preparing a patient for surgery and getting a good result is transparent to the patient. For instance, my role; I coordinate the reviewing of all the documents from consultants, from the people we’ve had you speak to, electrocardiogram lab work and so on and so forth. I’ve read your chart thoroughly and reviewed it. I will call you the night before surgery just so that we can get to know each other and that I can review things with you, like when and what medicines to take before surgery, when to not have anything to eat or drink, what to expect, what to be prepared for, and I give people a little preview of what their morning experience is going to be like, from meeting the nurse on through. I also speak to every patient, not only the night before, but in depth, I do a very thorough history and physical with the patients in private where we can review all of the stuff in detail so that there are no surprises for them and there are no surprises for me.