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Feel Comfortable


How do you really choose a plastic surgeon? It’s not such an easy process. It can be intimidating and I’m going to try to give you four points that I think can help you choose. The first is board certification – you don’t want to mess around with this. You want to find a plastic surgeon who’s fully board certified and that you know is qualified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The second thing is experience. You want someone that’s done this; that know the ropes; that knows what to do when there’s a question of turning left and right, and who is going to give you the absolute best final result. The third thing is what I call likeability. What does that mean? It means I want you to enjoy your experience with us. I want you to enjoy coming to the office, we will greet you as a friend and in fact I want you to become a member of our family for a period of time; I want you enjoy and look forward to seeing us and, when you don’t need to see us anymore, to miss us a little bit. And the final thing is what I call compatibility of taste. Well that means that your taste of what you’d think you’d like and my tastes should be similar, and we’ll spend a lot of time with that, showing you photographs and going through various videos to make sure that what we like and what you want is similar. With those four things I think you’ll do well in picking the right plastic surgeon. I’m Dr. Lawrence Koplin, and thank you for listening.